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Samsung DW80R5061UG Built-In Undercounter Dishwasher, 24 inch Exterior Width, 48 dB Decibel Level, Fully Integrated, Stainless Steel (Interior), 6 Wash Cycles, 15 Capacity (Place Settings), Hard Food Disposal, 3 Loading Racks, Black Stainless Steel colour

The new Samsung DW80R5061UG built-in undercounter dishwasher has everything you need and more to make your dishes go away. Always keep your kitchen clean with its 3 loading racks and 15 place setting of capacity to fit all of your dirty dishes. With the third rack, you can easily clean all of your utensils without taking up space in the bottom two racks, leaving plenty of space for your pots and pans. You don?t have to scrub any of them, this dishwasher will work as hard as it takes to get them properly clean with its heavy duty StormWash?. An extra jet will spray from corner to corner at every angle to get all the dishes washed powerfully and thoroughly. It can remove leftover food or dried sauces with enhanced water jets. Don?t worry about hard food residues, this dishwasher is equipped with the Hard Food Disposal. The upper rack is adjustable. You can move it an extra 2 inches up or down. Easy to remove, it allows more space for dishware of all shapes and sizes. Gain 30% more room for all of your dishes in a single load.

This Samsung DW80R5061UG with 24 inch exterior width has 6 incredibly thorough wash cycles. You don?t have to worry about a thing when you turn it on. It?s fully integrated. You can have a peaceful evening with your dishwasher on with its quiet 48 dBA Decibel level. All the sound and the vibrations are absorbed inside the habitacle of the dishwasher. You can continue to have regular conversation as 48 dBA is quieter than the sound of a normal voice. What makes it so soundproof is the stainless steel inner door making it more durable and keeps it very clean. You have a very useful time display to always inform you of the time remaining on the cycle.

At the end of a cycle, the dishwasher will automatically open its door to let the steam out with its AutoRelease? door. It will dry your dishes and make it comfortable for you to empty it without burning your fingertips. You?ll have clean and dry dishes by the time you are ready to take out your clean dishes.

It is certified ENERGY STAR, so you can save energy, water and mostly money with this dishwasher without sacrificing high performance or great functionality. Position the dishwasher under your counter for a perfect fit to create the kitchen that will suit your every need. Never bother about your fingertips leaving marks on your dishwasher. Its black stainless steel look will give your kitchen a professional and clean look that will be an inviting way for you to cook the way you have always wanted to without bothering to wash your dishes yourself afterwards. Let your dishwasher make your life easier.

DW80R5061UG Dishwasher with StormWash, Black Stainless Steel

StormWash?Powerful rotating spray jets that clean at every angle for tough to reach spots.

Quiet CleaningSilent washes for a quieter kitchen at 48 dBA sound level.

AutoRelease? DoorAt the end of the cycle, the door automatically opens to circulate air and improve drying performance.

3rd rack3rd rack provides extra space to load additional utensils and silverware.

Fingerprint Resistant FinishFingerprint resistant exterior helps reduce smudges for an everyday great appearance.

Adjustable RackEasily adjustable upper rack maximizes space when you are washing tall items.

Clean dishes of various sizes


The StormWash? heavy-duty wash system gets messy pots and pans clean without pre-washing. An extra spray jet blasts water from every angle to clean heavily soiled dishes of various shapes and sizes.

Automatic steam release to dry fast


Enjoy sparkling clean dishes every time with the AutoRelease? feature. At the end of a cycle it automatically opens the door to allow steam to escape, while a fan creates a curtain of air to protect your worktop.

Easily load cutlery & optimize space

3rd Rack

A 3rd Rack provides a dedicated space to place your cutlery and utensils. So items can be loaded and unloaded much more easily and it frees up to 30% more space than Samsung conventional two rack models in the rest of the dishwasher for other items.

Even more flexibility, many more dishes

New Racking System

A flexible New Racking System makes it easy to fit in various shapes and sizes of dish. Its tines can be removed to make space for large cookware or adjusted to safely hold delicate items. The upper rack moves up or down and a new lower rack handle design means less bending.

Fingerprint resistant finish

Smudge proof

Helps reduce smudges for an everyday great appearance.

Less noise.
Less disturbance.

Less Noise

The dishwasher’s insulation technology is designed to create less noise and disturbance. Its Stainless Steel Tub absorbs sound and vibration when working at a very low noise level at just 48 decibels.